Bernard Walz is the finest musician I've ever worked with... Michael Crawford, Phantom of the Opera
W h a t   t h e y   a r e   s a y i n g …

“…Australia’s master of swoon arrangements, BERNARD WALZ…is certainly a performer with plenty of pizzazz and persona…[his] dexterous digits raised a storm with some excitingly up-tempo pyrotechnics…”
Rodney Smith, “The Advertiser”, Australia, December 2003

“…Guest artist, Bernard Walz, played the audience and the piano with consummate skill…Walz [also presented] what he called, “The World’s Greatest Concerto”. Not too outrageous a claim since [he] took familiar themes from several famous concertos…and put them all together in a seamless manner. It was exciting, it was fun and how often do you hear such a potpourri of the greats played with such audacity and skill at one sitting? Bravo, Bernard!…there were several encores, a very lively playing of Khachaturian’s “Sabre Dance” by Walz…all in all, a very enjoyable evening as evidenced by two standing ovations by a delighted near capacity audience…”
Pueblo Chieftain, December 2003

“a consummate artist…truly remarkable…”
John Kerr, Radio 2UE, Sydney, Australia

“…I joined newfound friends to hear BERNARD WALZ, an electrifying Australian pianist who infuses classical with Broadway, ragtime, jazz and pop…Walz lures his listeners in with a crossover approach but tonight pushes it further by spinning bits of pure Mozart, Beethoven, and Grieg into an arrangement of his own called “I Love A Piano”. He follows this with his own pyrotechnic version of “Chopsticks” [and] performs an equally tempestuous set of variations on the “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” theme from “Mary Poppins”. When Walz launches into his next set - including some Rachmaninoff, Chopin, some Tchaikovsky and the ever popular “Malaguena” - screens drop down on either side of the stage so that the audience can see close-ups of his dazzling finger work. The screens also prove fascinating for what follows: a chance to watch his hands in action as he delivers a red-hot, jazzy, seldom-heard piano-solo performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue…”
Hillary Hauser, Virtuoso “Travel + Life”, Nov/Dec 2003

“Bernard Walz is the finest I have ever worked with…”
Michael Crawford, the “Phantom Of The Opera”

“Thunderous applause acknowledged Bernard’s arrangement of piano pops, ragtime, boogie and honest-to-goodness piano playing…?
Max Bygraves, from “In His Own Words” (Breedon Press)

“Bernard Walz is a world class talent…his music marks a new era in popular piano music…he is simply sensational…”
Tommy Tycho, A.M. M.B.E. (Australia)

“A really fine pianist. Guys like this keep me practicing!…”
Roger Williams, legendary American pops pianist

“Rhapsody in Blue, with pianist BERNARD WALZ, from Australia, was the highpoint… bought theĀ audience to it’s feet…”
New York Post, USA

“I can pay no greater compliment to Bernard than to say I only wish George Gershwin were alive to hear Bernard play ‘Rhapsody In Blue’… I know George would have loved it…”
Larry Adler, harmonica virtuoso

“His technique is undeniably impressive. It is during the superbly executed Gershwin medley that Walz shows just how versatile and technically accomplished he is…”
Sydney News

“One can only become more fond of Walz the more he plays…he brings you moments of genuine emotion… the joy and love of life he conveys with unfailing finesse… broad feeling, grandeur and telling tender moments…delivered with simple grace and musical sincerity…”
Pueblo Chieftain, USA

“But by far the most impressive is Walz’s rendition of Rhapsody In Blue”, [performed] with infinite variation and a pulse which suggests the nightshades and cityscapes of New York City…truly rapturous…”
Pueblo Chieftain, USA